About Liberty Uniform

Liberty Uniform is a privately held manufacturing company based in the foothills of South Carolina, the heartland of the American textile community. The owners and management have spent their entire business careers in the uniform industry in manufacturing, design and sales.

We consider Liberty Uniform to be a unique company, quite different from our competition. While others choose to manufacture an extensive product line, Liberty maintains a policy of “narrow and deep”, allowing us to remain the most competitive in the industry.


Laboratory tested fabrics, engineered and fully inspected garments result in better performance. Only Liberty Uniform stocks hundreds of thousands of garments at all times resulting in quick deliveries of large shipments. Over 97% of all orders are shipped complete the day they are received. Alterations such as hemming, striping and applying patches usually ship the same day as well.

Computer engineering and high productivity result in outstanding garments at low prices. Each item in the Liberty line is professionally engineered for quality. We will proudly compare our quality to any other in the industry. Liberty is able to offer the lowest prices due to our factory productivity and low corporate overhead. This translates into the most competitive garments and service found anywhere.


At the heart of our product line are shirts, trousers and outerwear geared toward public safety professionals and private security. Liberty Uniform is a major player in this field, leading the way in price, quality and design. Additionally, Liberty manufacturers some specialty items such as EMS trousers, blazers, windbreakers, raincoats, sweaters and knit identification shirts.


We at Liberty Uniform are continuously busy searching for new products that are suitable for our existing market.We look for garments that we can manufacture in depth, market at a low price and provide the quality and service that our customers have come to expect. Continue to look to Liberty Uniform as a market leader for new ideas and great savings.